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Code of Ethics

It is the Policy of Omrab Engineering Company To maintain the highest standard of ethics in the conduct of its business and in its relations with whomever it does business or is associated- its employees, directors, shareholders, customers, associates and suppliers, as well as with governments, the media and the public. The company's integrity and reputation for ethical practices are among its most valued assets and are essential elements in its continued quest for sustained profitability. Such integrity and reputation ultimately depend upon the individual actions of its employees, officers and directors, representatives, agents and consultants all over the world. Each employee is therefore personally responsible and accountable for compliance with this code. Its provisions are mandatory and full compliance is expected of all employees as a condition of employment.

Tell us any wrongdoing you notice in your interaction with OMRAB.

This Code is applicable to employees in all parts of Omrab Engineering Company Including its subsidiaries and associated companies in Iran and around the world.

It is recognized that social values, laws and customs may differ in different parts of the world, so that detailed interpretation/of some of the code's provisions may vary from country to country. Nevertheless, the Omrab Engineering Company Firmly believes that the code's underlying principles and basic rules are sound, relevant and applicable everywhere, and in keeping with the customs and statutes of other jurisdictions.

Omrab Engineering Company is committed to increasing its value to customers, employees and shareholders by profitably providing useful products and services to worldwide markets. Omrab Engineering Company will fulfill this commitment while upholding the highest level of ethical conduct and meeting its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.


Relation with suppliers, partners and customers

Omrab will conduct its business in such a way that partners, suppliers and customers can have trust in the group.

We expect our suppliers and partners to share our ethical values. Our suppliers must have ethical guidelines in their own enterprises which are consistent with omrab's ethical values.


Fair Competition

Omrab will compete in a fair& ethically justifiable manner within the framework of the competition rules in the markets in which we operate. this applies in relation to competitors as well as to customers and suppliers.

Latest News

Contract Awarding of Rawanduz Dam Project

On 11.July.2013, Omrab Engineering Co. has been awarded the contract for the Basic and Detail design of Rawanduz Concrete Dam and Hydro Power Plant.

Omrab was elected as the top exporter of Iran in technical and engineering services by Trade Promotion Organization of Iran

In Iran exports each year on National Day of exports the top companies in the field of export of services and goods will be honored by trade promotion organization of Iran.

Being Register at PETRONAS Carigali Iraq Holding B.V

Omrab GC have been successfully registered at PETRONAS Carigali Iraq Holding B.V.

Iran to Trump Iraq on Exploration Terms?

Bloomberg reports that Iran plans to offer international companies better oil contracts than Iraq, as it seeks long-term investment to revive its energy industry.