Sunday 17 October 2021

Working at Int'l Level

Working at Int'l Level

Currently OMRAB is active throughout the world in over four countries. There are plenty openings in the Iran and you can also pick out to work at international level. Regarding on the type of position and the scope of work / project, work abroad for longer or shorter periods is also a possibility.

OMRAB has two cases for working abroad:


    Deployment with your partner (Family):

    In this case, you will be sent abroad (with your partner or family), and you will work there for a longer period. This approach involves working for a period of four months on average, followed by leave averaging a month. This option is usually dependent on the overall circumstances, the scope and nature of the work, and the wishes of the employee.

    Deployment as a single:

    The employee continues to be resident in the Iran, working for about a month abroad. The mode of contract for international positions will be discussed by the HR department with the candidate.

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