Tuesday 26 September 2023


In order to optimize the positioning of OMRAB in its role, both internally and in the market, we have fine-tuned our strategy for the period 2012-2014. The strategy is settled on four pillars:

• Focus
Our activities are primarily targeted at three market segments (Energy, Water-Environment, Infrastructure) base on done research on available markets and high-potential geographic regions and Value-Adding Assets.

  • Energy
Includes Oil and Gas pipeline and pump stations, Storage tanks, Utility and Auxiliaries of Refineries, Power plants, Petrochemical, Industrial complex and Airports, Effluent and industrial sewage treatment plants.
Power transmission line (OHL and Underground) and, Distribution and substation posts (GIS and Conventional)

  • Water-Environment
Includes Water and Wastewater treatment plants, Water Intake, Pump Station, Reservoir tanks, Water distribution network and surface water collection systems, Distribution sewerage network and stormwater collection system, lifting and forward sewerage pump stations

  • Infrastructure
Includes Dam, Hydropower plant, Power generation plants, Harbour, Ports and Breakwater, Water supply and diversion Tunnels, Water transmission pipe line and sewage trunk line, Industrial, Residential, Commercial and Sport complex, Medical centers and Hospitals.

• Optimize
With the new composition of the OMRAB and the focus areas we plan to optimize the cohesion between the various activities. On the cost side we will do this by making better use of the potential of our organizations and by investing in developing the competencies which strengthen our position as a high-end contractor.
  • Cost leadership
  • Further integration of services
  • Invest in developing competencies

• Reinforce
We demand to invest in training and stay up to date our resources includes staff, machinery and equipment based on OMRAB integrated management policy.

• Approach-Expand
We demand to strengthen our regional positions with existing and new activities. We are open to acquisitions which provide us with global positions and to consolidation in the targeted area.

To Conclude
OMRAB is entering the 2018-2023 Strategic Business Plan period with a solid balance sheet and a healthy cash flow. This starting position gives us sufficient investment space to modernize and reinforce sections of the machinery-Equipment and opening and improving potential our new branches with a capital expenditure program totaling around € 2 billion Dollars.
The strategic framework of our Business Plan is based on current expectations with regard to global developments in the market segments relevant to us.

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World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management

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