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Activities and Services
  OMRAB offering a broad range of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Financing and Operation & Maintenance services to clients as its main activities. We provide a full range of project services tailored to suit customer needs.

 Engineering Services

Engineering Dept. is involved in project design, project preparation and technical execution support, project development studies, research and training programs.

  • Our experience is oriented around Agriculture, Air and underground water tanks, Cathodic Protection & Coverage, Concrete dams, Dam Safety & Stability Studies, Designing Irrigation Networks, Disposal System of Surface Waters, Diversion Dams & River Engineering, Earth and Rock fill dams, Ports and Marine Structures, utility of refinery and Power plants, Gas metering station and pipeline, oil storage, oil pump station and pipeline

Engineering Services include:

  • Pre-feasibility, Feasibility studies and Economic evaluations.
  • Process Engineering.
  • Environmental assessments, Conservation, Sustainability Engineering.
  • Offshore and Onshore Engineering.
  • Hydraulics, Hydrology, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Control and SCADA.
  • Engineering management and design supervision.
  • Engineering O&M planning and supervision.
  • Implementation of standard procedures and guidelines.
  • Energy management.
  • GIS and Surveying.
  • Preparation of operation and maintenance manual for water and waste water treatment plants and Hydraulic Structures.
  • Sewerage systems.
  • Water Resources studies and Water Supply Systems.
  • Water conveyance tunnels and water and power transmission pipeline.

Procurement Services
A procurement department in OMRAB is responsible for managing the purchasing activity for the organization. Most of procurement activities are subjected to more scrutiny and review than any other process. The use of company resources to purchase goods and services must be based on adherence to specific policies and procedures to reduce the chance of fraud or theft. In OMRAB, the performance of done activities is monitored by the accounting department and project manager. The main topic of procurement services includes:
  •  Procurement planning and management.
  •  Procurement engineering.
  •  Purchasing (includes MR, TBE, TBA & PO).
  •  Expediting and inspection services.
  •  Logistics management and customs.
  •  Supply chain management, shipment, deposit and transportation.
  •  Subcontract and suppliers services.


Construction Services
OMRAB have delivered some of the most complicated construction projects in Iran and abroad and highest level of construction services in the entire industry including construction management, design-build, engineering-procurement-construction-financing and general contracting for clients from every key industry sector. At OMRAB, tight coordination of workshops and strong partnerships with subcontractors and suppliers are critical to conveying quality projects on time and on budget. Our general contracting teams take pride in their relationships with subcontractors, suppliers and other project partners and diligence to foster cooperation and mutual respect on all our project sites.
By leveraging our partner relationships and controlling main milestones of project through detailed schedules, methodical safety plans, risk management, quality control & assurance and effective cost control reporting, our general contractors are able to closely monitor and quickly identify subjects that could have impact on the budget and project schedule. Most of main topics of construction services include:

  •  Construction planning management
  •  Logistic, machinery management
  •  Quality control and assurance management
  •  System analysis and daily monitoring to improve the performance
  •  Quality monitoring and enforcement of standards
  •  Internal and External Audits
  •  Contract Management includes MTO, BOQ, invoices and Subcontract Management
  •  Project archive and documentation
  •  Project cost control and preparing project financial performance reports
  •  Evaluating project managers’ performance
  •  Recruiting and allocating resources between workshops in site.


Financing Services
OMRAB in cooperation by international banks and financial associations is keen to finance projects on the basis of international terms.
In this regard risk identification and allocation is a key component of project finance. Regardless of contract type (BOT, BOO, BOOT and Finance) the location of project and accordingly rate of charging creditable international covering insurance, play main role in negotiations of project financing.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Services
OMRAB assume the vast responsibility with regard to the operation and maintenance of all types of Plants and endeavors to maintain the required quality of the Product during operation of the plant.  
Our main focus is on preventative unscheduled maintenance, in an operator-friendly and green environment, to ensure optimal operating conditions. Notwithstanding whether we take over a short- or long-term O&M contract, we offer full service to guarantee a well running of the plant’s efficiency.

Hence, Well-trained and experienced operators and technicians continuously control and check all items and parameters that impact on plant performance. Immediate and effective measures are taken in a timely manner to not only ensure the optimum product quality but also simultaneously ensure a cost-effective plant operation.  
The key operation and maintenance (O&M) Services offered:

  •  Operation & Maintenance, both short term and long term
  •  Spare Parts supply
  •  Reduction in waste production
  •  Control software optimization
  •  Quality management and assurance
  •  Plant performance and process optimization
  •  Reduction in energy usage
  •  Reduction in chemicals usage
  •  Reduction of downtime
  •  Achievement of the highest quality product
  •  SCADA, PLC, automatic and manual operation
  •  Development of Reporting Procedures
  •  Waste recycle and Management
  •  Maintenance of performance and maintenance records.



  • Utility and auxiliaries of power plants, petrochemical, industrial complex, shipyards and airports include effluent sewage treatment plant and water supply.
  • Transmission line, Booster pumps station, Storage tanks of Oil and Gas industries.
  • Overhead & underground power transmission line, distribution GIS and conventional substations.

Water - Environment

  • Urban and residential water and sewerage treatment plants.
  • Water transmission line, reservoir tank, water intake, forward and booster pump stations and irrigation system.
  • Sewerage trunk line.
  • Potable water distribution network, surface water collection system.
  • Sewerage distribution network, storm water, lifting & forward pumps.


  • Dam and Hydro power plant and, power generation plants.
  • Harbour, Ports and Breakwater.
  • Water supply tunnel and diversion tunnel.
  • Industrial, Residential, Commercial and Sport complex.
  • Medical centers and Hospitals.



Latest News

Signing the Contract with "Jahan Foulad Sirjan" company to suppl "RO water purification" system

supplying the purified water needed in its factories, including smelting and casting plant No. 1 of Jahan Foulad Sirjan factories

Signing the Contract with "Pars Oil and Gas" Company to "provide conceptual and basic design engineering services

In March 1401 Omrab.Co signed a contract to provide conceptual and basic design engineering services for Improvement and upgrade of wastewater treatment units in South Pars gas power plants

implementing industrial water treatment plant and cooling tower systems of Shadegan Steel Complex

Since July 1401, Omrab Engineering Company has signed a contract for engineering, equipment supply, installation and operation of industrial water treatment plant and cooling tower systems with this steel complex

Omrab was elected as the top exporter of Iran in technical and engineering services by Trade Promotion Organization of Iran

In Iran exports each year on National Day of exports the top companies in the field of export of services and goods will be honored by trade promotion organization of Iran.