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Aqra Water Supply Project

Kurdistan Regional Government,Ministry of Municipality & Tourism,intend to execute the design,supply, and manufacturing of all mechanical,electrical,control and instrumentation also to constr ...

2014 Nov-2020 Nov(Iraq)

Bassara RCC Dam project

Scope of Work of Bassara Dam Project consists of the procurement and construction of: -Diversion Tunnels -Coffer Dams -RCC and earth fill Dam -Stilling Basin -Water Intake Tower and Hydro power House

2013 Aug-2021 Aug(Kurdistan Region - Iraq)

Rawanduz #10 Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant Project

Contract Subject: Preparing of Feasibility Study and Design for Rawanduz # 10 Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources and General Directorate of Dams and Reservoirs proposed many areas for conducting Feasibility study and Design of dams which Rawanduz location in Erbil Governorate is one of these.

2013 Jul-2016 Jul(Iraq)

Shatrah Sewerage Project

OMRAB was chosen by Ministry of Municipalities and Public Work, Iraq government to execute the design, supply, and manufacturing of AL-SHATRA sewerage project (Turn-key) of maximum input capacity of 64,000m3/d in average condition

2012 Nov-2020 Nov(Iraq)

Haj Omran Building Complex

In June 2011 OMRAB was awarded a contract for the Review of Design and Construction of Haj Omran border Complex. OMRAB In cooperation by its local partner has been executed this project during one year after awarding. This project because of hard and critical situation such as snowy, mountain climate and geographical location was executed under special performing arrangements.

2011 Jun-2012 Jun(Iraq)
Latest News

Omrab was elected as the top exporter of Iran in technical and engineering services by Trade Promotion Organization of Iran

In Iran exports each year on National Day of exports the top companies in the field of export of services and goods will be honored by trade promotion organization of Iran.

World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management

World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management

Awarding highest score to Abadan refinery cooling water system

During the international imposed limitations and embargos, Iranian engineers in Omrab Company presented their state of art design, which has brought a great honor to Iran and

Khartoum Logistics center

Supplying machinery for mobilization of Sudan water treatment plant projects