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Construction of water supply transfer line from Taleqan dam to cities of Qazvin province

Construction of water supply transfer line from Taleqan dam to Qazvin province. Scope of Works includes Procurement and execution of steel pipe water transfer line with all related facilities and buildings valve rooms of transfer lines. Construction of 2 ground water concrete storage tanks with capacity of 10000 m3 each tanks and Construction of two steel bridges with length of 70 meters for crossing the river.

2017 Jul-2020 Jul(Qazvin Province, Iran)

Design, Build and Operate (DBO) of wastewater collection and treatment systems for rural areas of central part of Iran, Zone 2

Contract Subject: Design, Build and Operate (DBO) of wastewater collection and treatment systems for center part of Iran, Zone 2 (29 villages) Scope of Works and Services: National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company (NWWEC) has determined that about 800 villages due to critical conditions and environmental impacts are in need of urgent implementation of sewer system.

2017 Feb-2020 Feb(Iran)

Tropical area no.2 water supply project-Garmsiri 2

Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation & Operation of Second Pump Station Irrigation Network Collection, Part 1 of Tropical scheme in Kermanshah Province. Scope of works includes Geomembrane storage, concrete storages, 6 units of pump station buildings and related facilities and chambers and 1 year operation of the project.

2016 Oct-2021 Oct(Kermanshah Province, Iran)

Chitgar Lake water treatment plant

Construction of Treatment Plant, Improvement the quality of water entering the Lake along with Pilot implementation Chitgar Lake, also known as the Lake of Martyrs of the Persian Gulf, is an artificial and recreational lake located in the north of Chitgar Park, north-west of Tehran City, Iran. The total area of this complex is about 250 hectares; 130 hectares across the lake, and the rest of it goes for the coastal Zone and resorts.

2013 Dec-2018 Nov(EPC)

Semnan Water Supply Scheme

In June 2011 OMRAB conclusion a contract for engineering, procurement and construction of Semnan City Water Supply Scheme. This project accomplished during 2 years. Scope of woks includes Design ...

2011 Nov-2012 Nov( Iran)

Mashhad Waste Water Treatment Plant - Khinarab

Contract Subject: Design, Procurement and Installation of Khin arab (Mashhad) Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Scope of Works: In 2010, OMRAB as a member of Joint venture was selected as E.P.C. contractor for Mashhad Sewage Project -Khin Arab Waste Water Treatment Plant which Islamic Development Bank (D.B.I) provided the loan of the Project

2010 Nov-2018 Nov(Iran)

Tehran 7th Water Treatment Plant Project (First Module)

Contract Subject: Basic design and Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, and Operation of a water treatment plant with a capacity of 216,000 m3/day

2010 Oct-2018 Dec( Iran)

Omidieh Crude Oil Concrete Tanks Project

Contract Subject: Omidie Crude Oil Concrete Tanks Equipment Project Scope of Works: In July 2010 OMRAB was awarded a contract for Procurement and finishing Construction of Omidieh Crude Oil Concrete storage Tanks and Supply of Equipment.

2010 Jul-2019 Jul(Iran)

Sabalan Dam Downstream Lands Water Supply Project

In March 2010 OMRAB was awarded contract (193 & 194) for construction of irrigation canal project from Sabalan Dam .

2010 Mar-2014 Mar(Ardabil, Iran)

Ahwaz Eastern Waste Water Scheme

In January 2009 OMRAB conclusion a contract for engineering, procurement, construction of Ahwaz city eastern waste water treatment plant. This project accomplished during 3 years. Scope of woks i ...

2009 Nov-2013 Nov(Iran)
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